Aching like a Bitch

Yesterday was fantastic. I haven’t ached like this since I very first started training, all those years ago.

I got to town at 10am but nobody was there yet so, after realising I hadn’t brought a jumper and it was bloody cold, I went and bought this awesome find from Primark for just £12.

After getting back to the arranged meeting spot Will showed up and we got started with a few regular vaults and precision etc. Everything was going pretty well till I slipped whilst vaulting a very wet and slippery wall only to have my chest take the full weight of my body on the corner of another wall. Though it was excruciatingly painful, I got back to training after realising there was no visual sign of damage.

Slowy but surely, the rest if the group turned up throughout the day and, as was always customary, we got moved on from most of the locations in the centre of town. Despite being in pain I still managed to keep pushing myself to stay active and, when resting, to at least be taking photos or motivating others.

Eventually we got to the University English Department and, at this point, you could tell some people were really getting worn out. After training on the scaffolding there for a while and have a much needed piss, we have in and finished for the day. The challenge for today: get out of bed without collapsing.