I’m Adam…

and for a while now I have been in and out of basic Parkour, but I have never had the patience or confidence to take it any further. After all of this I sort of let my health deteriorate (smoking doesn’t help at all).

My main aim for this year is to work on my upper body strength. This would make me feel a lot better about myself and now that I have a couple of people in a similar situation training with me, im not just gonna give up at the first hurdle.

One of the first things I am going to do is brush up on what i have learnt in the past. Once this is achieved, I can start learning new stuff (the best and most painful part). I will need to stop smoking eventually and training helps with this. While out training (assuming we don’t take our smokes with us) your keeping your mind occupied and dont think about having a ciggy. 

If anybody would like to join us in our pursuit for fitness, contact us….

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