I’m Nic…

For great justice we have decided to blog our progress this year. not all of us have done this before, and some who have aren’t in the same shape they used to be. This will be an interesting way for us to see how we progress.

Im Nic Stewart, amateur photographer, amateur blogger, professional procrastinator. i used to go training Parkour now and again when i was younger with my friends, but as we got older it became harder and harder to keep up the meetings and as people dropped out i eventually lost interest.

Since then i have been keeping myself in shape as much as possible and have been Thai-Boxing now for just under 12 months, i suppose this is what gave me the drive to achieve something that has always alluded me… kick ass videos and backflips.

having known both Shane and Adam for a number of years each having differing levels of experience, especially with shane having quite years of experience, we have decided to do this together.

Each of us have different goals and aims.

Mine are to tone up and be able to run again, since my stamina has rapidly decreased. (wish i was still 13 i could run around for nearly unlimited amounts of time.) another thing i hope to achieve is to meet lots of new people and make new friends, to regain my confidence and to just have fun.

Smoking is my enemy and i will also document my success (or failure) with quitting.

welcome to the blog i hope you enjoy it and feel free to come and train with us or just to chill.

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