I’m Shane…

Going with the flow, I’ll introduce myself, it seems to be the best way to start a new blog anyway. Besides, with their being a a whole group of us posting here, it might be a good idea, for those of you who actually decide to follow us, to get to know each of us individually.

Anyway, I’m Shane Rounce, self-proclaimed workaholic and alcohol connoisseur. I’ve previously trained Parkour, quite a bit as it goes. I started training 6 years ago and carried on until just under 2 years ago, drilling everything over and over again, several times a week, hammering my body to it’s fullest extent.

There are multiple reasons why I slowly weaned away from training, which I won’t go into great detail about. Let’s just say my lifestyle has not been that of a health fanatic.

My aim for the next 6 months is to get as close to peak physical fitness as possible, getting all my flexibility back, raising my confidence back that the level is was a few years ago and to actually feel motivated again. Some sunshine would be nice too, along with all the Vitamin D goodness it brings – sitting in my room all day long, for days on end isn’t the best lifestyle choice.

I’d like to be back out there, at least 2 times a week, pushing myself as far as possible. I’d like to be visiting the Peak District on a regular basis, climbing, bouldering, potholing and anything else I can think of doing to enhance my body’s performance. And I’d like to be outside, with friends, socialising more and being where the action is happing, to further my skills as a photographer. Hell, I might even get back into some Video production too, you never know.

Follow this blog and you’ll be following my progress as well as the progress of every body else who’s deciding to take this step with me, alongside those people who, though the years, have stuck with it. Expect amazing Photos, spectacular Videos and some of the funniest quotes to come out of South Yorkshire.

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