In the spirit of training and getting back in shape, I decided to start putting my Kinect to good use and finally unwrapped my copy of Your Shape: Fitness Evolved.

Holy crap, I’m surprised at how much of a workout this game actually gives you, it really, genuinely puts you though the paces. After each morning session I’ve done this week I’ve literally been dripping in sweat and needed to just sit down for a while to recuperate.

I’ve been starting by warming up with some Fitness games, smashing blocks and the such like, then onto the Cardio Boxing. I unlocked the gold boxing classes, which really push you as far as speed and timing are concerned. It’s pretty amazing how focused you become on your movements too, nothing else seems to exist during this workout. I finish up with a Zen Exercise class, which is full of great stretches and helps you to warm down and relax.

All in all, it;s a great game, a great experience and definitely worth the purchase, if you’re interested ing etting back into shape at home or aren’t necessarily a fan of gyms.