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  • Since we’re going to be at #cliffhanger2015 this weekend, teaching and demonstrating both Parkour and Freerunning, here’s a throwback video to Cliffhanger 2011, featuring many familiar faces! Come on down to Millhouses Park, in Sheffield, this weekend to join in! 🙂 (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

  • Help us demonstrate and teach at Cliffhanger 2015!

    This is super last-minute but we need equipment to train on for Heason Events’Cliffhanger 2015, at Millhouses Park, in Sheffield, starting tomorrow. We’re looking for anything suitable to jump to/from, including boxes, hay-bales, pallets, scaffold etc. If any scaffolding companies in the area would like to help us out with some sweet set up for

  • We’re returning to Cliffhanger.

    Come see us do our thing and learn more about Parkour at this year’s Cliffhanger Event in Sheffield. Tickets: £6 per adult, accompanied children under 16 Free.

  • Dive Roll Practise on the Hay Bales we had at this year’s Cliffhanger Event. Expect a few videos, from Cliffhanger, to be posted over the next couple of days, as we collect them all up.

  • Come check us out at Cliffhanger this weekend at Graves Park, in Sheffield. We’ll be training, performing and teaching all about Parkour throughout the weekend, so feel free to say hi and quiz us on whatever you might find us doing. There’s loads of other Activities to do throughout the event too and, with forecasts