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  • shanerounce: Park Hill, Sheffield I drew this. Go buy it as a poster or clock or something and help me buy food. 🤘🏻 http://rdbl.co/2wstNK9

  • Sheffield Parkour and Freerunning Community Group

    Sheffield Parkour and Freerunning Community Group Looking to get started with Parkour / Freerunning in Sheffield? Head on over to our local community group to see when we’re training and say hello! 🙂

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  • Our friend, Jordan Shaw, gives you the lowdown on what to stick on your feet this year, for jumpy jumps. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

  • shanerounce: If you’re not in the know, make it so. Go check out https://sheffevents.co.uk

  • tobymillington: Challenging jump from today’s wet training.

  • tobymillington: I spent a month in China. Blog post coming soon. (photos by @nye.brewman insta) Toby went to China and had a sick time.