Tag: training

  • A short but interesting Parkour Challenge in Manchester. This is the first of a series of short videos. Each episode will feature a different challenge. Most of the challenges will have a time target which the participant has to try and beat. The challenges will incorporate a variety of different skills such as climbing, running,

  • Dive Roll Practise on the Hay Bales we had at this year’s Cliffhanger Event. Expect a few videos, from Cliffhanger, to be posted over the next couple of days, as we collect them all up.

  • shanerounce: So the new RGB Parkour Tour Website went live this morning, courtesy of yours truly. Check it out: http://www.rgbparkour.co.uk/ Head on over now to grab your Tickets, as spaces are limited! Be sure to head on over to the RGB Website and grab your tickets before they sell out. We’ll see you there!

  • Paris/Lisses: Spring 2013

    A group of us are making the trip out the Paris & Lisses on Monday, for the week. Expect wonderful things upon our return.